Memorial Orchard “Harvest” Plot



Hand selected location on Rickey Farm’s memorial orchard. Grow the perfect tree alongside the perfect tradition and celebrate your loved one in a way that won’t have them face up in the ground, but have them growing perennially where the can nourish you, and be able to breathe easy, knowing they’re still here and can soak up the sun when their incarnation here is done. They haven’t died, they just transformed.



All trees planted will come in the form of apple trees. So you can eat the fruit they’re sending you through the garden of eden which you can experience too. Us here at Rickey Farm are hoping this can shift the paradigm so people can be laid to rest in a place where you can hug them every day and contribute to the health of yourself and the planet. Through claiming a plot with us you’ll get to know, that the soils been fertilized by a beautiful soul(s).





Reserve your space in advance so you’ll get the best spot. you will have opportunity to share their perspective and where you stand will you will be what they will see, a connecting enabled through an apple tree. Though the view they have is not limited by the 3d, but it will give us a window into infinity.


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