THE RECOVERY FARM ? What’s that about ??


People need recovery in many areas: addiction, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, emotional / physical trauma, fear, anxiety, a bad situation or even just a bad day …
So Yes ……………..  – Individuals Need Recovery
As Well, Our ……. – Communities Needs Recovery

Certainly …………  – Culture Needs Recovery … 
And we All Know – The Planet Needs Recovery


Through education, practice and demonstration, The Recovery Farm is plowing new ground to cultivate regenerative community.

The precious jewel of this whole project is “focus on the individual”, because that’s where it all starts.

By establishing a 24-7 Community Assistance/Support Hub (CASH), we will fill the largest gap we see.  Walk-in assistance locations that are Open 24/7/365 are almost non-existent.

WHY Is That ?? Idk, with overdose and suicide rates climbing why aren’t there 24-7 facilities everywhere
Peoples’ troubles often fall outside the “hours of operation” schedule of most human services. Sometimes, we just need a quiet place to go, someone to talk to or someone to pray with. So yes, sometimes stimulating recovery can be as simple as a place of retreat, an open ear, an arm around a shoulder or some simple information or suggestion, and sometimes it takes knowledge, networks and persistence.  We will provide this multi-level assistance under one roof !! … This kind of 24-7 CASH is Priceless !!

RickeyFarm is being transformed into a highly productive regenerative farm with a substance-free events venue and campground dedicated to providing workshops, conferences, programs etc. geared toward the areas of recovery mentioned above.

The assistance at the 24-7 Community Assistance/Support Hub (CASH) begins in a loving, casual, non-judgmental atmosphere with a peer to peer coach. The coach’s first act of service will be to gain an assessment of the need(s). Then based on the need(s), a prioritized wellness plan will evolve.  This type of holistic approach is certainly a preventative force and an issue solving one. Sharing knowledge and providing connection to resources will be done “Free Of Charge”. Resources, in our definition, include the basics, like clean air, clean water, good food, shelter, clothing, spiritual support and general information. As well it includes further services and programs in areas such as coaching, peer-run support, recreation, skill-based educational programs, development and recovery programs for all ages, medical treatment referrals and much, much more. In case You’re wondering, we certainly won’t be providing all these services in-house. We know that farming/horticulture is therapeutic and provides a great healing atmosphere to develop programs in and around, but we could never fill all the needs. CASH is exactly what it says, a hub, a connection point and connector. And we put the emphasis on the connecting and know that if we share the load, we can carry the weight.

From the coaching perspective, the goal is to assess needs, assist in creation of a wellness plan and remove obstacles. Too often obstacles keep those who are seeking help from actually getting it. This happens many times even after the needed assistance has been identified, qualified and reserved.
Common obstacles are:
-Lack of correct, updated information
-Lack of transportation
-Lack of temporary/crisis housing
-Lack of a safe environment

and the list goes on and on

We are creating a place where needs are assessed and then met in a loving, relational, compassionate and priority manner. Community volunteers will help provide many of these services and fulfill their desire to make a difference. There are many out there waiting for someone to show them how they can help.

Regenerative Agriculture is a term that’s being used much more often recently. To us it means the merging of organic farming and permaculture to directly target the recovery of the land. The earth, just like our bodies, has a built in self-healing property. But we know that our practices can assist or prevent that healing from taking place. RickeyFarm is committed to maximizing agricultural production of food and medicinal plants in a regenerative way. Our produce will certainly be marketed both fresh and prepared through our Farm Market/Deli/Café’, vended at events and supply some type of CSA/Food Co-op.  But the gap we look most forward to filling is, providing this higher quality (freshness and healthwise), generally higher priced food to those who have restricted access to it. The financially challenged are more likely to avoid the organic section in their local store and may not even have an organic selection available due to their locality. RickeyFarm will provide healthy produce to those who otherwise would have restricted access and/or barriers to it, through a “Good Clean Food Sponsorship Program”.  Just another way “People can help People”.

“Click Here” to watch our Overview Video. It’s a little dated, but fills in some gaps. Note: The Big Bowl in the video is now the location for our “Memorial Orchard”.  “Click Here” for the Memorial Orchard Info

MISSION: To develop and encourage the replication of this critically needed 24-7 CASH(Community Assistance & Support Hub) Program. The concept will be developed as a reproducible model to follow and implement in almost any setting. A model to cultivate regenerative communities anywhere and everywhere !! … We believe, “Everyone should have a place like this within an hour’s drive.”

WHAT WE PRESENTLY HAVE: A 7th generation 75-acre family farm located in the gorgeous, Vermont-like, Vernon Valley in Vernon, NJ. Improvements on the properties include:
* 67 Acre Bio-Diverse Farmland with:
– Our 6,000 sq. ft. former dairy barn that has received zoning approval to become:
1) A 3,000 sq. ft. headquarters for our non-profit on the second floor.
2) A 3,000 sq. ft. Market/Deli/Café on the first floor.(Note: Each floor has ground level access on opposite sides of the building.)
– The Carriage House, a 1,500 sq. ft. storefront.
Two integral large-lot residences:
* 1) Three bedroom ranch 
w/full basement on 2.5 acres (approx. 1.5 acres farmed).
* 2) Historic Homestead, four bedroom center hall colonial on 5.0 acres (approx. 4 acres farmed).


Among the many thing that make RickeyFarm special are natural beauty and its location. This section of Route 94 is part of the newly designated “NJ Western Highlands Scenic Byway” and has been a trade route since before the founding of this country as part of the “Kings Highway System” (the King of England that was).  RickeyFarm is also located at the intersection of Route 94 and the Appalachian Trail (The AT is a linear National Park that goes from Georgia to Maine.). This high use section of the AT has a challenging climb that includes stone steps, nicknamed “The Stairway to Heaven”, leading up to the amazing “Pinwheel Vista”. This spot atop Wawayanda Mountain affords views of the Appalachian Mountain Range in three states and on a clear day, the Catskills and even the Adirondack Mts.  Look down and RickeyFarm is directly below … So, RickeyFarm is at the base of “The Stairway to Heaven”.
To our north is Historic Warwick NY with its shopping/dining district and surrounding Agri-Tourism that people travel well over an hour to visit.  To our south is the Mountain Creek Ski Area and Waterpark, Minerals Resort, Crystal Springs Resort, Great Gorge and the rest of the highly regarded “Golf Course Mecca”.  All this is within a 15 minute drive from RickeyFarm.

We have a simple, lucrative Business Plan that will return over one million dollars in the next 3 years with very limited, almost negligible start-up costs.  It’s a Memorial Orchard, a somewhat unique concept that addresses current trends and serves a rapidly growing .number of people that have limited options in this area.  See our Memorial Orchard Summary to learn about this innovative alternative !!

Help us fulfill the vision and mission by connecting and giving of your Time, Talents and Treasures!! … This well focused effort is now titled “The Recovery Farm”… Donate Today !!

“We All Need Recovery from something”-jamie rickey

We are grateful You took the time to read this far